About Us

A few seconds past the hustle and bustle of downtown Bowmanville, there lays a piece of tranquility. Amid lush green lawns, and tucked behind striking hundred year old trees sits a century house that is the home of Locust Tree Day Spa.

Here, you will be able to leave the stress and tensions of your life behind for a couple of serene hours.

The stress begins to dissipate as you pull up the gravel drive and drink in the nature surrounding you. As you enter the fully restored and renovated century home, the calming atmosphere envelops you and your trip to bliss officially begins.

Enjoy a cup of tea while you wait for your appointment to begin.

The spa offers a full menu of services that will pamper you and help you look and feel fantastic.

Owner Wendy Lee Moore has worked in the beauty industry for over 30 years. “It has always been a dream of mine,” says Lee. “I love to make people happy, and there’s no better way to do that than to help them look and feel their best.”

As the spa evolves, so will the services that are offered. “We are really going to strive to be in tune with the needs of our clients,” says Lee. “As their needs grow and change, so will our services to accommodate them.”

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